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Music for cafes, a special setting

The setting in catering businesses, in general, is essential, but in particular cafes and bars are where many people spend long periods of time, either because they are close to work on weekdays or simply for leisure on weekends.

Putting music for a coffee at a glance is not an easy task. When opening businesses of this type, various aspects must be taken into account. The piped music provides a differentiating factor, making the customer feel more comfortable listening to current music, great hits, or a style of music adapted to the type of public that usually frequents the cafeteria. The key is that with music for cafeterias it is possible to extend the stay and also consume more in the establishment. Create a positive experience That makes it remain in the memory of the visitor and thus loyalty, is the best option since, with little effort, you can see increased results in a short time. Without neglecting the rest of the elements such as comfortable seats, adequate lighting, and the good quality of the products, they will make this experience perfect.

For this, there is an automatic music playback system for the cafeteria without the need for a large investment and without expensive technologies, only with our computer and specific software we can obtain streaming music through a web player compatible with Windows and Android, with more than 60 channels. We will only have to decide what style of music we want and it will be played automatically.

The style of music in restaurants

Background music plays an important role in ensuring the best possible stay so that diners feel comfortable and in creating a climate. Eating with music in the background is pleasant, calm, and relaxing music, with an adequate volume to be able to converse. It is important to bear in mind that, in a restaurant, the fundamental action is eating, while music plays a companion role, breaking the discomfort of silence and bringing warmth to the environment.

We can choose different styles of music for online restaurants, such as classical music, especially music for piano. Debussy’s Preludes, Chopin’s Nocturnals, and Brahms Sonatas should be part of the repertoire.

The jazz can be a very good resource for restaurant music, creating a suggestive and welcoming atmosphere. The songs performed by Diana Krall are perfect to listen to while tasting an exquisite dish. For after-dinner drinks, bebop trumpeter Miles Davis would be great.

Nor can they miss some chill-out themes, Buddha Bar or Café del Mar are magnificent examples.

We do not exclude, although at first, it may seem inappropriate, rock music. Ballads like Stairway to heaven, Hotel California, are valid for all kinds of situations. To add a touch of freshness, we can dare with the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, or Jimi Hendrix. Pink Floyd and their music are so universal that diners are likely to be satisfied.

We have discussed a wide range of options with which we will surely be right in our choice of songs for restaurants.