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Keys of ambient music for restaurant

Surely on many occasions, we have been able to verify that having lunch or dinner in a restaurant with background music is much more pleasant, some calm and relaxing music, with an adequate volume so that the conversation flows if someone accompanies us. In a restaurant, therefore, the main action is eating, while music performs a companion function, which can break the discomfort of silence and provide a certain climate of warmth.

Also, stimuli such as light and ambient music for restaurants seem to influence food consumption because they have an impact on the time the person spends eating.

There is a wide range of options with which we will surely be right in our choice of songs for restaurants. The most widely used styles of music are usually classical, jazz, and chillout music, but this depends on the type of establishment and the type of food served, we can also think of styles such as rock. Something we also have to pay attention to is the schedule, we can use a more energetic style at lunchtime and change it to something softer and more elegant for dinner. In addition, it would be interesting to be able to personalize, if the business space allows it, in different areas either indoors or if we have an outdoor area in summer where a more cheerful and fresh character can be created with ambient music for restaurants.

All these possibilities are achieved easily and economically through a music provider for online restaurants where we can automatically offer our guests the music that has been chosen and with professional quality.

Background music for restaurants, how does it influence us?

Have we ever reflected on how the atmosphere of a restaurant influences us, especially with music for dinners?

According to studies carried out in the US, depending on the type of restaurant and its setting, we will consume more or less food.

In these studies, they analyzed how many calories were consumed in each of the environments: one of fast food, with yellow and red decoration, bright lights, high volume rock restaurant music, and another, more sophisticated and quiet, with little light and instrumental jazz music at low volume. In both environments offering the same fast food restaurant menu.

The results concluded that in the most relaxed and refined the people consumed, on average, 175 calories less.

According to the researchers, a more stimulated and energetic environment causes people to overeat because it causes them to eat faster. But if it is calmer, they feel more relaxed and spend more time enjoying their food, this leads to eating less.

Stimuli such as restaurant lighting and music seem to influence food consumption because they have an impact on the time a person spends eating. With music like rock, we have the urge to eat more quickly. According to these conclusions, songs for restaurants influence us in this regard.

These data offer valuable information for restaurants and for everyone since if they want to consume fewer calories and enjoy food more, they have to eat more slowly and recognize when they are satisfied. So softening the lights and music in the establishments leads to people eating less, enjoying their food more, and spending exactly the same money.