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steps to make EDM music

What is EDM music? How to make EDM music?

Electronic Dance Music, or EDM as it is more commonly known, is a genre of music growing in the last few decades. Today you will find that there are several sub-genres within the umbrella term of EDM & how to make EDM music. The first type of dance music was created in Chicago and London…
breakdown in music

What is a breakdown in music?

The term "breakdown" in music, as used by dancers, refers to a part of the music in which dancers perform movements that do not require partner interaction. Breakdowns are performed by all members of the floor (men and women) without regard to their partnership status or ability to do partnered choreography. They can be done…
trap music

What is trap music? Learn trap music

It is the most talked-about musical genre of recent years in the United States of America and beyond: but what is this phantom trap music and what is its true meaning? Let's see what is trap music? With the awareness that to tell a good musical genre (or sub-genre, perhaps it is better in this…
Music for restaurants: how it influences your service

Music for restaurants: How it influences your service

When we think of music for restaurants, instrumental music or jazz is usually the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, if you do a quick search on Google, you will see in the first results playlists and videos of relaxing songs. But we must consider that, just as your restaurant has a personality…
ambient music for restaurant

Keys of ambient music for restaurant

Surely on many occasions, we have been able to verify that having lunch or dinner in a restaurant with background music is much more pleasant, some calm and relaxing music, with an adequate volume so that the conversation flows if someone accompanies us. In a restaurant, therefore, the main action is eating, while music performs a companion function, which can break the discomfort of silence and provide a certain climate of warmth.
Music for cafes

Music for cafes, a special setting

The setting in catering businesses, in general, is essential, but in particular cafes and bars are where many people spend long periods of time, either because they are close to work on weekdays or simply for leisure on weekends.