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What kind of music is suitable for your bar or restaurant?

For many people, going to a restaurant is not just about the food. It’s about the overall experience and atmosphere, and music plays a huge part in this. Having the perfect playlist can create the ideal environment. Some restaurants play loud music, others allow staff to choose, and some play the wrong music at the wrong time of day. All of this can cause an unpleasant experience for the customer.

Research has shown that music increases the number of customers in a restaurant and slow music increases the individual spending of each customer. This is because the loud and fast music creates excitement, which means that customers tend to eat faster. Similarly, slow music makes customers drink slower, take fewer bites per minute, and increases the chances that they will order a dessert, coffee, among others.

  1. Restaurant personality

There is a very important criterion that should be a guide when determining the music that will be played in your restaurant and that should be determined by the personality of the establishment. This does not signify the personality of the staff or the owner. It must be the personality of the restaurant itself. Take into account its decoration and its arrangement. What is the energy level of the restaurant? What kind of personality does the menu have? Imagine all this and other important factors in your mind ask yourself what kind of music matches that.

  1. Time of day

What kind of music is suitable for your bar or restaurant? The time of day is another important factor to consider when choosing music for the bar or restaurant. Lunch diners may prefer a more subdued feel while Fridays are fun, exciting, and bustling. On the weekends you have brunch that needs a softer feel and the night can have songs from the ’70s, 80’s or 90’s memory.

  1. Preselected or chosen by customers

A dilemma when deciding to play music in the bar or restaurant is allowing customers to choose or have a preselected list of songs ready to play. Always remember that when customers choose, not necessarily everyone in the establishment will agree with the musical choice. You have to be prepared for a negative answer if the wrong song is played. This generally doesn’t happen if you have a jukebox selected in the genres related to your business. When preparing your own playlist, try not to spend too much time on the “perfect” choices. Consider playing songs from sites with Pandora, Spotify, or other music libraries online. These services provide a wide selection of songs related to a particular musical genre.

If staff is allowed to choose songs, it is important to establish clear rules. You don’t want music that is going to offend or annoy customers. This means songs with obscene lyrics, heavy metal or rap — unless this fits the style of the restaurant or bar, except for the obscenities.

Music should always be kept low in the background. Customers want to be your restaurant’s friends, not its enemies.

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