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Top 5 street food destinations in Asia

If you’ve traveled the world a bit, you know that, in culinary terms, no other continent comes close to Asia. From a pad Tai in Thailand to a steaming pho in Vietnam. The food is tasty and diverse. Where do you find the best (and cheapest) offer? On the street, of course! Are you a street food lover? Then the following destinations are essential for you.

Bangkok, Thailand

From frying to baking to cooking in a wok, the Thai people love to eat, nibble, slurp and chew. Throughout the country you will find, day and night, streets lined with food stalls and carts with enough variety to satisfy every stomach. The best place to eat in Sukhumvit Soi 38. This area in Bangkok stimulates all your senses. Colorful dishes, the smell of fresh hot peppers, and the sound of sizzling woks will tempt you from fragrant Som Tam papaya salads to tasty Pad Thai noodles.

Penang, Malaysia

street food of Malaysia

If you think of Penang, you think of street food. Penang is also known as the best or one of the best street food destinations in the whole world. Unique dishes that combine the best of Malaysian, Chinese, and Indian cuisine are prepared on this island. A stroll through Georgetown takes you past stainless steel carts with local Malays who are busy with pots and pans, while the pungent smell of Asam Laksa (spicy curry noodle soup) and Hokkien Mee (garnished with shrimp soup) tease you. they attract you to buy these delicacies.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi is the birthplace of many popular Vietnamese dishes. Ask a backpacker what his top five Vietnam memories are and the famous Pho will appear somewhere in history. This noodle soup is sold on almost every street corner, whose meat and bone broth boils for hours to achieve the ideal flavor. Go from restaurant to restaurant to enjoy, among other things, the tastiest Banh Mi sandwiches and grilled meat skewers while sitting on small plastic stools.

Taipei, Taiwan

In 1947, Jiang Kai-shek surrendered and Mao Zedong took over the Chinese mainland. He brought with his army, valuable pieces of Chinese art, and the best cooks from different Chinese regions to the island of Taiwan. This has meant that the little island has the best of the best in Chinese cuisine. Visit Taipei’s Raohe Night Market, Gongguan Night Market, or Linjuan Night Market for delicacies ranging from tuna sausages to great sashimi. The stalls are often busy until early in the morning.

Xi’an, China

The Terracotta Army is Xi’an’s biggest attraction, but good street food is a big plus too. The stalls are located near the Drum and Bell Towers in the center of town. This district is also called the Muslim Quarter. When you walk through the streets you immediately see the Muslim influences. Street food includes octopus, spicy tofu, and large chunks of grilled meat. Besides good food, the atmosphere here is also very nice. You can certainly walk around the city for a couple of hours and enjoy all the new impressions.

In any destination looking for street food, culinary adventures lurk. Open your eyes and your thoughts, be open to the strangest culinary experiences, and your stomach and taste buds will be eternally grateful.

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