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The most important benefits of quitting alcohol

In a previous post, we talked about alcoholism or alcohol addiction. It is a disease that is characterized by a loss of control over alcohol consumption and an absolute interference in all areas of a person’s life, including social, family, and work. The criteria to diagnose an addiction are in the following link.

In a recent blog post « Eat This, Not That! » A summary is made of the main advantages for our health of not drinking boose:

We, Will, Have A More Restful Sleep

Avoid alcohol

According to Jessica Hoffman, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor at  Hazelden Betty Ford (a leading non-profit treatment provider), alcohol is a central nervous system depressant and as such, using it typically does not achieve the REM phase. This phase of sleep is essential for health since, among other functions, it facilitates memory consolidation and guarantees restful sleep. Many people think that drinking boose makes them sleep better, and although at the beginning of the night it can help, in the long run, we will have worse and worse sleep and a greater possibility of suffering from insomnia.

We, Will, Reduce The Risk Of Certain Cancers And We Will Have A Healthier Liver

Alcohol consumption is one of the most avoidable risk factors for cancer. Alcohol consumption accounts for approximately 6% of all cancers and 4% of all deaths. The liver, when we drink, is making a considerable effort to try to get rid of the boose, slowing down our metabolism and immune system to get rid of what it considers to be a toxin. cirrhosis _o Liver cancer is behind 800,000 annual deaths worldwide and in Spain, alcohol is responsible for 65% of the cirrhosis that is diagnosed, with a male/female ratio of 2.5/1, which is currently beginning to equalize, a fact that is confirmed by the increase in women who seek treatment. The chances of cirrhosis and fatty liver are reduced by 10% when you stop drinking. Also, if we stop drinking before reaching these extremes, our liver will regenerate.

Our Immune System Will Be More Resistant

Alcohol can suppress our immune system and make it less responsive to other infectious threats. This occurs up to 24 hours after alcohol intake, which obviously makes us more vulnerable. Whether alcohol consumption may be an important risk factor for people contracting COVID-19 is currently being studied.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

We all know people who abuse alcohol and are overweight, even though many of them appear “bloated”. According to a BMC Public Health study, American adults under the age of 50 consume 150 calories per day from boose, which, in one year, would convert to 6.8 kg/year. Also, an animal study published in Nature Communications found that when mice consume alcohol, neurons in their brains that drive hunger are stimulated.

Reduced Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

Alcohol has been linked to high blood pressure and increased heart rate. Many alcoholic beverages have very high doses of sugar that lead to the possible development of cardiovascular diseases. When we stop drinking, blood pressure, triglycerides, and the probability of heart failure are reduced. This dismantles the myth that drinking a glass of alcohol “helps” our cardiovascular system.

As you can see, the physical health benefits of not drinking are enormous. And of course, also for our mental health. boose consumption continues to be behind many fatal traffic accidents, many episodes of gender violence, countless deaths, and many ruined lives. Once an addiction to alcohol has developed, it is necessary to consult with professionals and carry out a comprehensive treatment, such as the one we offer at our foundation, in order to recover a healthy and autonomous life.


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