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Surprising effects of wine on health that you may not have known

It is very common to hear the phrase ‘A glass of red wine a day is good for the heart’, and it is true, but not only for the heart but for many other things. The effects of wine are amazing, from weight loss to brain boosting. The fact that it is good does not imply that you have to drink a bottle of wine in a single day, but a little bit every day, it is more than enough to enjoy its benefits.

Red Wine Improves the Blood Circuit

Know effects of wine

Red wine has vitamin E, which improves the blood circuit since it cleanses the blood, therefore, eliminating clots and protecting the tissues of the blood vessels. It prevents the appearance of atherosclerosis, a disease caused by the degeneration of the arteries. It counteracts not only the symptoms but can also prevent the disease from appearing.

In addition, cleaning the blood, reduces cholesterol, the main cause of heart disease. Red wine is rich in polyphenols, specifically resveratrol. This antioxidant-rich chemical helps us take care of our blood vessels and lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good cholesterol (HDL).

By cleaning the blood and improving blood flow, it will prevent the aesthetic effects of poor blood flow from appearing either, that is, it prevents varicose veins from appearing.

It is an Ally to Lose Weight

This may be one of the effects of wine that surprise you the most, red wine helps to lose weight. Experts in health sciences explain this fact thanks to the fact that red wine, and no other, activates a gene that prevents the formation of new fat cells, and with those already existing in our body, we will be able to progressively purify and eliminate them. Therefore, it reduces obesity, which is of great concern to developed countries and controls overweight in old age. In turn, having a glass of wine daily also reduces the risk of diabetes, since it allows us to eliminate fat, etc.

The effects of wine will not be visible if we abuse and drink more than one glass a day, and it should not be completely full. It will be enhanced if we carry out a balanced diet that is free of fat.

Boosts Brain Function

A good red wine can keep you awake and alert to develop theories or study as it improves cognitive processes.

Through various studies, it has been shown that, once again, the responsible and constant consumption of red wine prevents dementia and degenerative brain diseases, since it prevents the premature aging of memory cells. It will be a good remedy if we have brain inflammation, it prevents the hardening of the arteries and all the clots and blood supply that can affect our brain functions.

Prevents And Treats Oral Infections

Do your gums bleed? Do not hesitate, accompany your meals with a glass of red wine and you will see how your gums stop bleeding as much as they do now. What is this about? Grapes contain a series of compounds that, when fermented, prevent the appearance of streptococcus and bacteria linked to cavities. In addition, it will prevent gingivitis and sore throats.

Drinking wine when we eat has a great impact on the taste we perceive. Although we have already talked about pairing before, red wine makes us perceive the flavors of our food intensely, especially if we eat fatty meats. It will make our mouths feel clean.

Help With Daily Fatigue

Who was talking about coffee for Mondays? It is somewhat curious that a glass of wine at noon is going to make our Mondays fewer Mondays and help us get to Friday. Resveratrol, which we have already talked about before, makes the days when we feel listless or tired, better.

In addition, having a glass of red wine daily releases endorphins, which will make us relax and enjoy the here and now.

Reduces the Risk of Cancer

This effect on health may be one of the most interesting, since cancer cases are more frequent and we feel more exposed to this disease, we try to avoid foods that can cause it, just as we try to consume those that can prevent it.

Red wine is an antioxidant, as we have said before. An antioxidant is a resource that the body has to block the growth of cancer cells, such as breast, lung, or prostate cancer. Drinking red wine is important, especially for women, since estrogen often leads to cancer problems.

Fight Urinary Infections

The antioxidants and astringents that we have already talked about before, prevent bacteria from invading our bladder or kidneys and optimize their filtering and purification. You will only need a glass of wine to benefit from this.

In addition, thanks to the wine you will reduce the probability that stones will form in your kidney.

Finally, it is important to remember that before drinking a glass of red wine daily, to enjoy the positive effects of wine mentioned above, we must consult our GP about compatibility with other medications we take and our state of health.  Also remember the popular Tráfico slogan: ‘If you drink, don’t drive, even if it’s just a drink of nothing.


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