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Pop Up Tents: Choosing The Best Fabric For Multiple Uses And Longevity

You are familiar with a pop up tent and its growing popularity in the business world. Whether you get a tent for a business event or for a camping trip, one of the biggest considerations is choosing a fabric for the tent. The material plays a crucial role as it needs to adapt to the weather of this place.

Checking the fabric:

Irrespective of the purpose of using the tent, it is necessary to check the fabric through weathering you need to keep the tent fabric outside when trains and figure out the changes. The cotton fibers usually swell up when there is a lot of moisture outdoors and shows that they are waterproof. The canvas fabric may not require more than one weathering but others may require weathering several times if they are waterproof.

Which fabric to choose:

You might wonder which tent fabric to choose from so many options. Typically, the requirement of tent depends on the frequency of using the tent and the money you want to spend for procuring a new tent.

  • For using the tent frequently, you will need a stronger material.
  • The condition under which the pop up tent is likely to remain most of the time is another consideration for choosing the tent.
  • Try to find out whether the material of the tent is conducive to the weather conditions of the place.
  • You do not want to take the hassles of setting up and putting down the tent, so you need to prevent damage of the material.
  • If you are planning to us the tent in a domestic setting, using the tent for a limited period may fulfill your needs.
  • For lighter fabric, you need to use UV and water-resistant material to ensure that the material stays protected from weather damage.
  • The kind of event you want to host may also determine the choice of a tent.

Types of materials:

Among the materials you can choose for pop up tents are the following. Here is what you need to know.

  • Polyester

One of the commonly used materials for a pop up canopy tent is its durability and weather resistance. You need to choose the density of the fabric and weight its thickness to determine how tough it is against the weather conditions. The tent needs to keep the water at bay for some time and the UV protection of polyester is minimal.

  • Nylon

Nylon is a lightweight fabric used for tents and offers enough stretch for the stress to stay distributed throughout the tent. It is not a strong material for large commercial tents.

  • Coated vinyl

Vinyl is one of the most popular materials for a pop up tent. The coated vinyl is a material that comes with a protective layer of PVC or PE on the top and is resistant to corrosion. Compared to the other fabrics, it is a waterproof tent that’s stays string against inclement weather.

It is not only acquiring the tent that matters but cleaning and maintaining it also helps in keep the tent perfect for many years.

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