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Management of Bars and Restaurants: Organization keys to put order in the warehouse of your business

It sure is not your favorite task. But organizing the warehouse of a bar is an essential aspect of the management of this type of establishment. Since the effectiveness and proper functioning of the business depend largely on it. An orderly warehouse will make cleaning the restaurant easier. In addition, it is useful for other tasks such as taking inventory or knowing better how to plan purchases for our restaurant.

We know. We are perfectly aware that ordering, wherever, whenever, and whatever is usually a burden. And if, in addition, it is an area that is not facing the public, such as the warehouse of a bar or a restaurant, the fact that it is also not a lucid task is added. We agree … But it is what it is.

Therefore, and given that this is a fundamental part of managing a bar, we are going to make your life a little easier. We are going to talk about how to organize your business warehouse giving you a few practical and common-sense tips. They will be of great help so that chaos does not take over you.

Basic guidelines to keep it in order

That said, we are going with some of the basic guidelines that you should always keep in mind to manage this key territory in a bar or restaurant:

Cleaning: The first thing to be very clear-cut is that a warehouse must be clean, well lit, and, as far as possible, as far as possible from the place where garbage is left. It is obvious, yes, but it should be emphasized.

Location and access: When placing the stock in the store, the criteria to keep in mind are, above all, the location of the products fast and easy access to them. They will make your day to day much easier.

Placement: When you are going to put things on the shelves, by common sense, the lightest should be on the top shelves and the heaviest, on the bottom ones (avoid being food, so that they are not in contact with soil and may become contaminated). In those of medium height, finally, place the medium weight and habitual use …

Product separation: Obviously, when placing articles in the warehouse, one should avoid putting food products in the same place as those that are not. This is the case of cleaning products, insecticides … Burn this to yourself because it is fundamental.

Classification: On the other hand, food products should be divided between perishable and non-perishable. There should also be differentiated areas between those that are already cooked (precooked) and those that are not. The aim is to respect the storage method and the temperature of each item.

Specific areas: In addition to cold storage rooms that are at the right temperature to store frozen food, it should also have a cellar. E s say, an area reserved specifically for the storage and preservation of wines.

The importance of order in a warehouse

If you are still wondering why the order in the warehouse is so important, think. It is the place where all the bar or restaurant products are kept and preserved. And therefore, having it well ordered allows you to control the merchandise. That is, it allows you to be aware of what is consumed, and when you have to replenish stock. But, in addition, it helps to avoid losses of food or beverages that expire because you didn’t even know they were there, it helps to speed up the search for products … Come on, the efficiency of the business will largely depend on your good disposition.

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