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How to cook frozen clams?

Preparing recipes with fresh seafood is synonymous with success at any meal. The flavor and quality of the chosen product will be spectacular if it is acquired in good condition, so it only remains to cook it properly to taste it. Sometimes, you have to resort to frozen food for the longest conservation time and ensure certain health aspects. One of the most consumed seafood is clams, both daily and for celebrations such as Christmas.

Making a good recipe with fresh frozen clams is possible: the result can be very similar to what you would get with a fresh, unfrozen product. You just need to discover How to cook frozen clams. Discover how to cook frozen clams, prepare them a la marinara, the necessary ingredients, and various tips for their preparation by reading this recipe to cook frozen clams.

How to cook frozen clams?


  • 450 grams of frozen clams
  • Garlic
  • 1/2 onion
  • 1 bay leaf
  • Olive oil
  • Fried tomato
  • Wheat flour
  • White wine
  • Sweet paprika
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Parsley
  • Black pepper

Step 1:

Before detailing how to cook frozen clams, it is important to highlight the benefits of its consumption:

  • They contain iron, so they help prevent and fight anemia.
  • They provide calcium, helping in this way to strengthen bones.
  • Its caloric index is very low (around 75 kcal per 100 grams), so it is suitable for all types of diets and meal plans, except those that must avoid seafood and foods rich in purines.
  • They help to strengthen the immune system thanks to their zinc content.

Besides its health benefits, you also need to discover how to know if frozen clams are good and how to defrost them to consume them without putting your health at risk. If they open easily during cooking, they can be eaten calmly, but if one does not open, do not try to open it manually. Discard it because it is probably not in good condition.


One of the tricks that exist to defrost clams is to immerse them in water and salt: this method speeds up the defrosting process, but to be effective, you must change the water at least twice. This way, you will be able to clean the clams correctly at the same time as they are thawing. If you choose to defrost the clams naturally, that is, without speeding up the process, you just have to remove them from the fridge 18 to 24 hours before cooking.

Step 2:

After discovering the whole process of defrosting the clams, you are ready to start with the rest of the recipe’s ingredients to cook frozen clams. First, peel and mince the garlic and onion. Then, finely chop the parsley and leave everything aside to continue with the preparation.

Step 3:

Place a frying pan with a little oil on one of the burners. Once it has heated up, start to make the sauce adding the chopped onion and garlic. Let them cook, stir them a little, and prepare a pot with water, a little salt, and a bay leaf.

Step 4:

Put the pot with water, salt, and bay leaf on the fire. If you wondered how to open the frozen clams, which is a frequent question when cooking this seafood, you have reached the point of the recipe where the doubt is clarified. To open the clams, you must add them to the pot once the water begins to boil. Wait a few minutes to cook and, when they are open, turn off the heat and leave them reserved to continue with the recipe.

Step 5:

This cooking time for the clams ranges from 5 to 10 minutes: pay attention to the process and, after this time, check that the clams have been opened correctly.

When the garlic and onion are ready, you can add a little sweet paprika and wheat flour to the pan. You will need to mix these ingredients vigorously to get a thick porridge-like texture.

Step 6:

Later, add the white wine and stir the mixture to get a tasty sauce. To finish making the marinara sauce, you will need to add tomato sauce to the pan and stir all the ingredients again.

The broth obtained from the clams’ cooking will help obtain the desired texture in the sauce. To do this, add it little by little in the pan. Be careful not to make the sauce too liquid: controlling the amount of broth poured is essential to avoid damaging the final result.

Add a pinch of ground pepper to the pan and turn the heat up to bring the sauce to a boil. When it is boiling, add the clams along with the rest of the ingredients and wait for them to cook for about 3 minutes, stirring the mixture to impregnate the sauce on the clams.

After getting the clams soaked in the sauce and getting more flavor, add the chopped parsley at the beginning of the recipe. A minute later, turn off the heat and you will have finished this exquisite preparation of frozen clams.

We recommend serving this seafood clam dish immediately to enjoy all the flavors of the recipe before it cools. With this preparation, you will know how to cook frozen clams and thus accompany them with prawns, rice, noodles, and even beans.

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