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Do you suspect that you are drinking too much wine?

Drinking a lot of wine not only causes a hangover headache the next day. But also affects your entire body and can end up, over time, leading to the development of an oncological disease. Therefore, if we recently told you about sugar, a food that is in the spotlight, now it is the turn of wine. A common drink on our tables but dangerous. Since even when we drink it in ‘moderation’ we are putting our health at risk.

And it is that more and more doctors and experts raise their voices so that the population becomes aware of the risks that wine can entail. In fact, even if we don’t realize it, every drop we ingest contains alcohol and it ends up in our bloodstream and, from there, in all the organs and cells of our body, causing dull damage that, over time, can end up in a serious problem.

That without taking into account the risks of having a few drinks too many. Drinking and getting drunk, even if we are not aware of it, not only exposes us to having an accident or suffering an ethyl coma if we have overdone it. Our body suffers and makes us notice it with dizziness, lack of coordination, stammering, nausea, vomiting, and, in the most serious cases, loss of consciousness.

A Drink As Common As It Is Dangerous

Harmfulness of wine

Wine has been talked about constantly. And, for a long time, we have thought that having a glass of wine a day is a guarantee of good health. However, over time we are realizing that this statement is not entirely true. “Wine is considered a non-distilled fermented beverage, so it contains less alcohol than others, and its use is recognized within the Mediterranean diet pattern, but even so, the health authorities cannot recommend its consumption. Alcohol is a toxin that causes multiple physical and psychological illnesses. So its consumption should be avoided in all cases,” warns María García Olivares, Dietitian-Nutritionist at Hospital Quirónsalud Málaga.

In addition, normally when alcohol is consumed, not-so-healthy foods are usually taken to accompany it, these being also negative for our health.

Signs Your Body Gives You That You Drink Too Much Wine

Although we are not aware that we are drinking too much. It is enough to ‘listen’ a little more to our body and see if it is screaming at us not to drink so much alcohol:

  • Weight gain as an alcoholic drink contains a lot of calories.
  • You are thirstier since alcohol dehydrates.
  • Have drier skin, with more wrinkles or less luminosity. Due to that lack of hydration and because alcohol produces oxidative damage.
  • You suffer from digestive problems
  • lose muscle mass
  • your joints ache
  • You have a dry mouth and bad breath
  • Sleep badly
  • Feel more irritable and forget more often
  • You think that without wine a meal or a dinner is not the same

“Excess alcohol produces a global toxic effect on the body, affecting the central nervous system and other organs. The liver, the main organ for purifying metabolism, is responsible for eliminating it. And therefore suffers greater consequences from this excessive consumption”, warns the nutritionist María García Olivares.

Alcohol Increases The Risk Of Cancer

Wine is a traditional drink of the Mediterranean culture that in its composition contains some interesting micronutrients. Such as polyphenols, antioxidants, etc., in low amounts. But in too low amounts to benefit from these substances, so their consumption would not be recommended.

The wine also has an alcohol content that is around 15%. That alcohol content is just what can cause health problems, even if its consumption is moderate.

For this reason, moderate consumption of alcohol increases the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases in the long term. In addition to increasing the risk of suffering from many types of cancer. Such as the pancreas, stomach, liver, colorectal, head and neck, and breast.

How Many Glasses Of Wine Are Considered Safe?

We have always heard that the consumption recommendation would be a maximum of two drinks a day for men and one drink for women. However, the nutritionist clarifies and recalls that “there is no recommended safe minimum dose.” In fact, she is blunt about how many glasses of wine we can have: “the fewer, the better. We have already seen the consequences that alcohol consumption can have on our body, even in moderate amounts,” she points out.

How Long Does It Take For The Body To Recover From Excess Alcohol?

“This factor is very variable from one person to another since it depends on the rate of metabolism. That is, the time it takes for alcohol to be eliminated by the liver from our body. In turn, there are also individual factors and those conditioned by different diseases. That can slow down the metabolism of alcohol,” he explains.

In any case, if you have been drinking a lot, you know that you cannot drive or carry out activities that could put you or others at risk.

When Can We Start To Fear That We May Suffer An Addiction?

Finally, sometimes we do not pay attention to the small signs that our body sends us to tell us that perhaps we have a problem with wine and that we should consult a doctor. When should we suspect that we may suffer from an addiction? The dietitian and nutritionist clarify that we should start asking for help. If we cannot put an end to this habit, “when we cannot stop drinking any day even though we think we do not need that drink, not being aware of the dependency that alcohol has generated. Dependence is very serious due to its psychological conditions and consequences for health,” he concludes.

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