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Bar decoration: How to decorate a bar

How to decorate a bar or a cafeteria without spending a lot of money is one of the questions that many entrepreneurs ask when they start their businesses. If you are going to open a bar or want to redecorate yours, here are some ideas that you can do yourself. The investment is not much and the results will surprise you. Today we talk about Bar decoration: how to decorate a bar.

Bar decoration: How to decorate a bar

In business, the decoration is important as it creates a pleasant environment for the customer; You must bear in mind that this is the first thing that your clients will see upon entering and it is essential to find a suitable decoration that makes them feel comfortable so that your business always has an infinity of clients.

Setting up a business has many expenses that I am going to tell you about, so if we can save a little when decorating it is always an advance. The first thing is to define what budget we can spend to make a plan about this. The photo you see on the cover is a decorative mural (what do they look like bottles?). In addition, red led lights have been placed behind that gives it that beautiful appearance. This mural comes out like wallpaper comes in rolls, is easy to install, and washes off with a damp sponge.

Decorate a bar counter

The bar of a bar is one of the most important and characteristic elements of a bar or premises, now we are going to see the different styles and designs with the most important details so that the decoration of our bar is adequate. Always taking into account the materials, color, and lighting.

How to decorate a bar counter: Brick Bar

One of the most common bars of bars are brick bars and they give that modern touch that we are looking for, but it is usually lined with another material to make it more sophisticated.

But it is also left as is and give all the prominence to the countertop, or add more elements to the bar such as some wooden slats. The wood is an element that always looks good with bricks, visually it is very nice.

How to decorate a bar counter: Stone Bar

The stone bars in the bars are also very common, whether made of marble, granite, or any other stone, giving the bar a different, modern and original image.

To stand out and that all the prominence of the place is taken by the stone bar, what they do is give it a curve and thus all eyes will go towards it. But there are others who do not want it to be so protagonist and lower the attention with the stools.

It will also be important to take into account the color, in this way we will achieve the best decoration for our bar counter.

Once we have seen how we can decorate one of the main elements within a bar such as a bar, we want to explain the rest of the elements and how to decorate a whole bar.

Plan the decoration

If you have a better plan of the premises, if not, take photos of each area in order to better plan what we want to change.

To paint or not to paint?

If you want to paint the place you can do it yourself, there are options of paintings with decorative effects, such as stucco, paintings that imitate marble, or even reflective type paintings. To paint you will have to calculate the meters of the premises. With this information on any large surface, they can tell you what the paint, rollers, or other accessories you need will cost you.


It is a technique to decorate using paint, you can decorate walls, furniture, or whatever you like the most. It is about using a template, on the internet you can search for stencil designs on Google and you get many. On a plain paint background, if possible you can make drawings in the color that you like best and the template you choose.

Adhesive photo murals to decorate a bar

If you do not want to paint, you can change the appearance of the walls with decorative vinyl, or photo murals, there are beautiful and they are not expensive. They are fixed on the wall and change the look of the decoration for little money. In the photo below, a vinyl that looks like a real bottle rack, perfect to give atmosphere in a bar or cafeteria.

A wall decorated with adhesive vinyl draws attention and can even create a different atmosphere (you have them of nature, that imitates a city with skyscrapers, animals, challenge style)

They can be applied on any smooth and flat surface, from glass, walls, doors, furniture, appliances. What was once a boring wall can change into a cheerful and sophisticated corner.

As you can see, there are a large number of designs that can be created on vinyl and all you have to do is look for the city, the landscape, or the elements that you would like to always have in your bar the most.

The Internet is a great source of information for companies that can give you good ideas and create the most personalized vinyl for your bar.

Renovate the floor?

You can use vinyl flooring that is also easy to install and is highly recommended in places where there is a high traffic of people. There are gorgeous designs, and they are well priced, they are placed on the floor that you already have so you will not need to do work.

Another option to decorate a bar is the floating platform, the wooden floor is beautiful and very comfortable, there are different finishes and qualities and you can also put them on the floor that you already have, you can install them yourself.

Furniture to decorate a bar

You can turn to Ikea shelves, tables, and chairs at Ikea Bussines where decorators help you plan and choose what best suits your bar. You also have very good prices and advantages such as financing. Tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, shelves in Ikea you can good ideas to redecorate your business saving.

Another option is the flea markets and second-hand stores, if you are looking to decorate vintage style, with inspiration from the 60s to 80s, or if you are looking for some rustic piece. In the flea markets and second hand stores, you can find jewelry such as lamps, tables, furniture at very interesting prices and very good quality.

If you have a little more budget, you can also opt for chairs and tables from a larger range where style should prevail above all else in order to capture the customer’s attention in your bar. This always helped a glass that allows people outside the novelty of your bar.

Pool tables, darts or table football

The more options your clients have to feel at ease, the better. Games make them spend more time on the premises and thus it is easier for them to consume. When decorating, keep in mind to dedicate a space to put a game machine, a billiards (there are small tables) a table football, or some darts. There are multi-game tables that have the option of different games or you can even adapt a small space for your customers to dance if they want, and in the case of accompanying the decoration with music.

If you also put a laptop with internet access (or several) in you will have more options so that your customers feel comfortable in your premises and return. Of course, everything will depend on the type of bar-style you have and that it can always be something that adapts to the place you occupy.

Ideas and tips for decorating a bar

We have already explained how we can decorate a bar so that it fits our taste and that of our customers, but we can also guide you through this series of ideas and advice that you are sure to take good note of.

They are also basic ideas and tips that it will not be bad for you to take into account before starting to decorate or think, for example, about the color of the walls or the type of floor to choose.

Take care of the first impression

It is often said that the entrance is the business card of an establishment. To ensure a warm and friendly welcome, your bar decor should convey that from the entrance. If it is a daytime bar, of the cafeteria type or one that has a rich menu at lunchtime, the entrance and interior should be well lit, also using materials that invite you to stay and hang out, such as wood or choice of a pastel shade.

If instead, it is a cocktail bar, or a bar to have a drink at night, you can discard so much lighting, and focus more on neon lights and materials such as stone or metal. Anyway, that it is a cocktail bar does not have to mean a gloomy and dark den, but it can be something with dim light and that invites you to spend a fun time with friends and in tranquility.

Define a decorating style

What was said at the end of the first point leads us to the second, since it is important that you opt for an interior design that reflects the identity of your brand or company: classic, industrial, minimalist, Nordic, retro, vintage, rock, etc … Choose the style that best identifies your bar, adapted to the size of the premises and that can be integrated into the environment.

When you have chosen the style you want for your bar, it will surely be easy for you to find not only materials but all those elements with which you will be able to decorate the bar and with which you can highlight its theme.

If instead, you have nothing in mind, you can choose a “traditional” bar or one that is eclectic in which, for example, you have a contemporary decoration but in which there is also an old jukebox providing something of a “retro” style. Anyway, be careful with mixing styles because, in the end, it can be something little defined, so do not go overboard and choose one or two elements of another style that stand out in addition to the predominant one.

Opt for strength, durability, and easy maintenance

Having a bar does not only imply the initial works, that you start running the business and know which are the best suppliers. Once you have assembled the bar, you must take care that it is kept decorated and in condition for as long as possible so it is better to choose materials that are resistant and last for a long time, such as porcelain stoneware on the floor that is resistant to breakage. and abrasion, waterproof, and easy and fast maintenance.

On the other hand, also choose woods that have been treated so that they last longer and avoid, at least at the beginning, decorating with many glass elements, such as mirrors, since they will surely end up broken and are, in the long run, an economic and maintenance expense…

Play contrast decoration

In some way, we have already mentioned this point to you before when talking about how you should define the style of your bar from the beginning since you can opt for a very specific style, but add contrast with an element that is of another style.

Or you can also define contrasts through the use of two tones for either the walls or even the floor (like those floors that are “retro” in style, forming a black and white checkerboard). Also if you choose a decoration with two contrasting tones, we assure you that you will not think about repainting or decorating for a long time since in some way it is a type of decoration that never goes out of style.

Create a spotlight

On the other hand, a great idea to decorate a bar is that you choose a center of attention. A point that catches the eye and that in a way attracts more customers. We already said before that it may be convenient to choose, for example, to have a pool table or the aforementioned jukebox, but it can also be a bar that has a special decoration or that suddenly the tables and seats are of a specific style.

Of course, also having a good television or screen to watch games or attract customers with series or movies, can also be an idea of ​​the center of attention.

Choose the right music

Music bars usually play music during all the hours they are open and of all kinds of styles (depending on the type of bar), but if you have a bar without more, one that is conventional or one of drinks ( but not musical), it is important that they also play a musical thread.

You must know what musical style is suitable for your bar depending on the style of it or its decoration so that somehow the music will also be key when decorating your bar. You cannot have a “retro” style bar or, for example, 50s style and that instead of rock classical music sounds, in the same way, that in a vegan breakfast bar, for example, it will not add too much “hard metal” to everything volume.

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