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10 tips to reduce your alcohol consumption

If your purpose is to be more conscious about alcohol consumption in your life, these tips will be very useful for you. We are going to share with you some practical tips that you can apply immediately.

Attention! We’re not talking about magic potions, or recommendations that are impossible to meet, actually, these are suggestions that you can gradually incorporate into your routine. Remember that it’s not about who gets to the finish line first, it’s about reaching the goal at your own pace. Shall we start?

Tips to reduce your alcohol consumption

Free Your House Of Alcohol

Tips to prevent alcohol consumption

Instead of keeping a bar at your fingertips, turn your home into a drink-free zone and only go for liquor when you need it specifically for an occasion.

Not having alcohol in the house is an effective method to curb your consumption, what’s more, you will think twice if you have to drive or walk to buy these drinks.

Set A Realistic Goal

One step at a time… Think about how many drinks you want to have a day and how many days a week you want to do it. Then write it down because writing down your goals can help you remember your goal.

What should the amount be? Start with your own consumption, if you usually drink 5 beers every Friday night, start by trying to drink 4 or 3 the following Friday. So successively, your consumption will decrease.

Set A Limit When You Go Out

In line with the previous suggestion, for those occasions when you are going to drink, consciously set a limit in advance on the number of drinks you will have. This way, once you’ve reached your limit, you know it’s time to move on to a non-alcoholic beverage.

Eat While You Drink

Don’t let alcohol be the focus of your outings! Obviously, if you alternate liquor with food, you will consume less alcohol. This is a simple, useful tip and above all, easy to put into practice.

Opt For Low-Alcohol Drinks

And if you choose drinks with fewer alcohol degrees? Whenever possible, stick with those that are low in alcohol, such as whiskey cream, wine, or cider. Another alternative to reduce the amount of liquor consumed is to dilute it with ice or soda.

Keep Track Of Your Liquor Consumption

We encourage you to record every time you drink for a few weeks, three or four. Include information about what and how much she drank, as well as where she was. Compare this with your goal, identify when she took more and why you think she did.

Keep Your Mind Busy

There are many more plans than just taking! Go for a walk, play sports, go see a movie, or catch up with friends and family at a cafe or restaurant. Return to your hobbies or give yourself a chance to try new ones, such as painting, playing board games, playing a musical instrument, or woodworking.

Avoid Temptations

What makes you have a drink? Sharing with someone who only likes to drink? To go to a nightclub? Little by little reduce your exposure to these triggers and if you are already facing them, we suggest you stop for a moment, take a deep and conscious breath, to take stock of what is happening. Analyze what emotions, sensations, and thoughts you are having, then make a decision on how you want to act in the face of that situation.

Talk To Your Family And Friends

Express your need to reduce alcohol consumption with the people who appreciate you the most, so that they can be supportive of the process. Reframe drinking like you would any other health behavior you want to change, like eating better or exercising more.

Learn To Say “No”

It is inevitable, you must prepare for those moments when someone is going to offer you a drink. Find words to help you decline politely, but firmly.  For example, a simple “No, thanks” is a warm and accurate statement. Immediately clarify that you have already decided to consume a non-alcoholic beverage. Here, the help of a friend or friend who supports you in these types of difficult situations can also come in handy.

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